Saturday, October 12, 2013

Legoland Day 2 and Safari Park

Ok, these are kind of out of order, but I am at a point in my life (read: pregnancy) that I don't care!  

The Safari Park was awesome!  It got a little hot for my taste, but we had a total blast.  Everything was so close and we all loved the bus ride through the habitats.


These are a few of the animals we saw on our "safari":

The bird show was one of our favorite things, I think.  They flew so close to us!

The secretary bird is the best ever!

The lorikeets were awesome here!  They climbed right on you to get a drink!

The boys made a tent over the stroller - Rhys loved being with the big boys.

These water balls are always so awesome:


Landon and Rhys really bonded on this trip.  They were so cute together:

Ok, now on to day 2 at legoland.  More planes!

Rhys kept telling me: "this car not working!".  Yeah.  He wanted rides.

The play area was fun, though!

We noticed they had a pizza buffet there - our boys have been BEGGING to go to a pizza buffet, so we decided to take them.  Landon ate almost an entire pizza, no joke.  He and Scott tied with number of pieces eaten.

Loving Star Wars!

We didn't take many pictures at the water park (above).  It was pretty chilly, but really fun!  

This sign is the epitome of what we experienced at Legoland.  Seriously!?  Could you imagine seeing a sign like this at Disneyland?  Like "don't mix up the stuffed animals"!?  Yeah, no.  Everything at Legoland seemed like "hey, you guys are just lucky to be here, so don't make more work for us, ok?"

We let Rhys choose a couple of lego cars since he was SO patient those two days.  He still loves them :)

Landon waiting in line:


We took a family boat ride on our way out of the park:

And a few more pics of the safari park!

Rhys did not trust those birds (and there's a good chance he was pooping):


This was pretty much the ending to every day as we drove back to our resort (which was amazing, by the way!).  We would go home, eat dinner, swim at the pool and crash.  Then do it all again the next day!

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