Friday, October 18, 2013

Family Reunion!

We finally had a family reunion on my Mom's side of the family!!  We rented a huge house in the mountains and settled in for the weekend.  Our kids loved the bunkbeds:

And treats from Grandma (from Disneyland, no less)!

They were jumping all over everyone - they were so darn excited to see their Aunt's and Uncles!


After walking downtown, the boys and Phoebe stopped to pet every dog they saw:

Game night!

Sunday before church, the kiddos all cuddled up with Uncle John:

And Lisha:

They had a blast exploring outside.  It was even better when I went out and found rusted metal poles and barbed wire all over the ground...ehehe.

The swing was awesome!

And the teepee!

We had plenty of craft time:

And delicious meals:

And lots of Settlers of Catan:

Me and my Grandparents:

The boys and Phoebe:

Aunt Cheryl brought us all t-shirts to color.  It was so fun!!  The boys still wear theirs all the time!

Rhys and Great Grandma:

Us with Aunt Cheryl:

And Aunt Pam and Phoebe:

Me and Stace:

Rhys loves him some Aunt Stacey:

 We stopped at a park and thought the name matched us perfectly:

Took a ride on the Gondola!

The whole family (except for me...pregnant bummer!) went up on the adventure rides on the ski hill.  Alpine slide, rollercoaster, etc.  They had a blast until they got rained out!

My Dad took some family photo's before everyone headed home:

We missed the people who couldn't make it (Uncle Jon and his family), but it was so fun to catch up with all of those who did come down!  We are so grateful for family!

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