Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kite Festival

We went to the kite festival with our friends the Hammonds.  It was SO fun to see all those kites in the air!  Parker's dollar kite didn't fly so we bought another one there.  That one was great!

Then we went for ice cream :)

We had another fun Options field trip - the boys loved this!

Chalk drawing outside:

Parker randomly decided to make himself an outfit...out of a grocery bag :)

 All I have wanted to eat this pregnancy is potatoes.  And cheese.  So perogies are PERFECT!  Scott and I had a perogie making party:

Another random snow meant that we had to build a snow man:

We love the aquarium!

 I had to document Parker's awesome injury from a ward party.  Pretty good, right?

Scott took the boys and Payton to Mary Poppins!  

Meanwhile...I was with these lovely ladies!  It was a great weekend :)

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