Saturday, March 16, 2013

More Homeschool Adventures

Landon goes to one full day of school a week (it's a program through our school district specifically for homeschoolers!).  The school he goes to does TONS of field trips and extra-curricular things.  This trip was to the Nature and Science museum.  We have a membership there, so it wasn't new to us, but I got to go with Landon all by myself for part of it.  That meant that we got to do a lot that we usually skip with the younger boys.  Gladiator rub-ons:

Aging his face:

He loved making the skeleton move!

Parker joined us for the last half - he loved touching the cockroach! 

Fun with magnets:


Parker and Landon with some of L's classmates:

The boys were doing school with their stuffed animals:

It quickly morphed into prison...haha

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