Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get Ready...

For the longest post ever!!  Scott took a trip out to Arizona for a conference, so we tagged along.  We had so much fun visiting with our family!

Rhys got a bit banged up in the airport:

Playing at our favorite park by Mama Kit and Papa Len's house.  We used to play here all the time!


Playing in the pool!

We did homeschool while we were there and Mama Kit had some great additions for us:

How cool is this!?  She also had a set of rock samples that my boys loved.


Then we were off to see the cousins.  These boys had so much fun dressing up and playing together!

We loved seeing the sculptures downtown (and eating yummy food!)

 Dance party!!

Whitney always has so many fun activities planned.  She got these water bottles for the kids and they LOVED them.

Fun crafts and playtime!

They loved making Halloween themed food!  Whitney is so creative!

Then we went with them to their ward Halloween party.  The boys loved all the games!

...and the prizes!

Me and Bec

And once again, In 'n Out!  We love that place.  We actually watched everyone for the weekend so Whitney and Jeff could attend a funeral.  We had so much fun with the kids!

So glad we were able to visit!

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Stacey Mae said...

I can't believe how big Whitney's kids are! Looks like you had fun! All the pictures make me miss AZ.