Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homeschool fun

We have loved going to the aquarium!  We decided to buy a pass here instead of the zoo this year - it's been a fun change.  

And we always love the Museum of Nature and Science.  The Pompeii exhibit was really amazing this fall (especially since it fit in with our study of the Ancients).

Rhys was being such a crack up while we ate lunch!

We were learning about Mesopotamia and how different civilizations used clay tablets to write messages and histories.  The boys made these out of clay.  This is Parker and his Robot and Landon drew people on a deer hunt (hard to see in this picture, but the different stages of the hunt are in the different colors).  I made flowers to go along with Parker's creation - he wanted to be playing in a garden with Robot :).  This bake at home clay is fantastic!

When we were studying reptiles, the boys glued scales (lentils) to their drawings:

And this little man just loves to tag along!

Our garden finishing up for the year!

Playing with slime - still one of our favorite things.

Scott and I went to the Jason Mraz concert at Red Rocks.  Always amazing up there.

And I just had to post this picture because I so rarely get a pic of fresh's usually gone too fast.   So yummy!

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