Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quotes of the Day

M: Parker, are you all done going potty?
P: other poops wouldn't come out.
M: Oh really?  That's too bad.
P: Yeah, they said "No Parker, we will NOT come out.  We are not here".

M: Parker, I know you want some of this guacamole, but you chose to eat gum instead - I'm sorry, bud, but you made your choice.
P: *crying loudly*...but *sob* I don't want any gum!  I want guacamole and chips!
M: Well, you chose to have that gum even though I told you that you'd miss snack.
P: I'm sorry!!!  I want guacamole!
L: *now crying too* Mom, he said he's sorry!  He just wants guacamole!
M: Landon, I know, but he made his choice.
L: ......Parker, if you spit out your gum and repent I will share my chips and guacamole with you.  Do you want to do that?
P: Yeah Landon!
M: (trying not to tear up - how can I say no to that) Ok Landon, if you're willing to share your chips and guac, then Parker can have some of that.  I'm really proud of you buddy - that was sweet of you to share.
L: (grinning) Whatever Mom.
I couldn't believe he came up with that on his own - such a sweet moment!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brother Lovin'

I'll let these pictures speak for themselves...

We even corrupted Landon's friend Jed :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Weekend

The week before Easter we went to an Easter egg hunt at the park - the boys definitely couldn't beat out the older kids, but they got plenty of candy.

Parker started getting frustrated that the older kids were taking his eggs so he asked me to help...we were much more successful as a team :)
Friday night we dyed eggs.  They LOVED it this year and did a lot of it themselves.

The finished product:
I only took video's of Easter morning, but they had a great hunt for these eggs and loved that the Easter bunny pooped jelly beans!  We also loved listening to conference - Landon played bingo during one session and heard a lot of what was being said.  Listening to conference was just what I needed this Easter.  It was so good to be uplifted and reminded of our Savior's love.  Listening to the prophet and apostles speak helps me desire to work harder and be better!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Landon and Parker Quotes

The other day as I was leaving for my morning run, the boys woke up and caught me in the hallway. Parker started to cry and said:

P: Mom!  You will NOT go running without us!! 
M: Buddy, it's ok!   I'll go fast and I'll be right back in time for breakfast.
P: .....I will be so mad at you....*sob*
M: Parker, do you want to go lay in my bed until I get back?
P: Oh!  Ok!

Yesterday the boys wanted mac 'n cheese for lunch, so I made them some and added a few spoonfuls of squash puree (we had some acorn squash that needed using).  This is what Landon said as he was eating it:

L: Oh, Mom did you buy a different kind of mac 'n cheese this time?
M: I don't know, why do you think that?
L: Well, I think the Safeway guy put some different ingredients in this box.  It tastes different.  I think he added....butter cheese and salt.  I like it - it's not my favorite one, but I like it!

As we were driving today I heard in the back:

L: Hey Parker, look at this cool game.  I have two monies - I will put one in one of my hands and then you have to guess where it is.  If you guess wrong, you won't get it, but if you guess right......well, you won't get it cuz it's my money.  Isn't that a cool game?
P: Yeah!
L: Ok, guess where it is!
P: It's in that one.
P:'s in THAT one!
L: BEEP!  RIGHT! still can't have it ok?

Saturday, April 10, 2010