Sunday, May 31, 2009

So. Cal. Fun!

Since Scott doesn't start work for another month, we decided to take off after graduation and spend some time relaxing having fun together. It's been SO great - especially considering that we were apart for so long.
Our first stop was Southern California. We stayed with some of our good friends from University and had a blast! Now that our kids are getting older, they really love to hang out together, too. Ashley and Landon were SO funny together. Every night before bed they would all go outside and play in the backyard. One night I came out and found this:
They thought it would be really fun to make mud in the sandbox - luckily, neither of them was strong enough to turn on the hose!
When that didn't work out, they moved on to the Prince/Princess game. Basically, this is where Ashley gets into dangerous situations and Landon has to save her. Here Landon was trying to save her before she fell into the sand:
Landon couldn't quite pick her up and they both ended up falling into the sandbox. As I took this picture, Ashley was saying "Well, I guess that's not the worst thing that could've happened". No joke!! I think all of us are secretly hoping that Ashley and Landon will get married so we'll have all these hilarious stories to tell at their wedding...haha.
That's right folks: while we were there, we had to make a stop at Disneyland!!
One of our favorite places to go is the Bug's Life park in California Adventure. It has a lot of the same rides as in Fantasyland, but there are never any lines! Landon was super excited to see Hopper (but as he approached I think he got a little nervous...)
Parker was in heaven on the ladybug ride:
By far, the best thing about the Bug's Life park is the water! They have three different splash areas that are all really cool. We always bring towels and swimsuits so the boys can go crazy!
If you haven't been on the new Toy Story ride, you've got to try it out! It's definitely worth waiting in line for (if you get there early or wait out the park, you shouldn't have to wait for more than 10 min. or so). Watch out, though - you'll want to ride it over and over!!
After our day at California Adventure we spent a day in Disneyland.
Landon loved helping Buzz battle Zurg in Astroblasters! We went on this one a few times - it's one of our favorites.
Dumbo and Casey Junior are always big hits, too:
Parker loved the teacups!
We don't always do Mickey's Toon Town, but we finished up in Fantasyland early (Small World was awesome by the way - the kids loved the new changes and it still had enough of the old charm!). They loved climbing in all of the cars and houses:
One of our favorite traditions is getting a delicious treat at Pooh's corner. This is what the boys chose:
And what we chose:
I still haven't found a chocolate covered strawberry that's beats these ones!! We had so much fun and are so glad we got to go. We love the Disney magic!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Graduation Extras

I found these pictures in a different folder, so here's an extra Grad Week post! During the week we went up to the Little Farm with some friends. My camera died before I could even take one picture, but Emily took these for me:
Here's Adele - Landon was so excited to see her!
This picture cracks me up. Hopefully someday he'll be wearing one of these for his graduation!
This picture cracks me up, too. Bailey's not sure about that hat!
After graduation we went for dinner at Paul and Ginny's (our adopted family in the Bay Area) with our parents. The meal was wonderful and, even better, the kids were able to just play and watch a movie while we ate. That beats a restaurant any day!
Thanks to our parents for being a part of this exciting time in our lives and for all the support along the way!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Part 1: Grad Week
During the week before graduation there were a ton of classes, lectures and dinners on campus that Scott wanted to attend, so the boys and I had fun with our friends! We stayed with Landon's good buddy James (thanks Jessica and Brian!). It was great to be back in Berkeley! Here is Landon watching TV with the guys: James and Trey.

Thanks to Jessica's membership we were able to go to our favorite Children's Museum. Parker was in frog heaven:
James and Parker had fun with these xylophones!
This slingshot noisemaker was a big hit as well. Look at James pulling back on that rope!

One night we got to go to a banquet on campus. It was so great to see all of Scott's classmates - especially Emily and Aaron who we really got to know these last 4 years!We stayed with Carrie, Sean and Bailey over the weekend, so we got to go back to our old place. Do you recognize this backyard? Landon does!
So does Parker!
The boys all wanted to take a bath...well, Bailey SAID he did, but then this is what we got...haha

Parker was feeling very huggy one night:
The boys had so much fun playing together!
Landon took this picture of Carrie, me and Steve. It's a pretty good shot!
Part 2: Celebrate
We got to celebrate with some friends the night before Scott's grad. It was wonderful to see everyone - we really are so grateful for all of the amazing people who uplifted us and made life fun during school!
I don't know why I'm making this face, but doesn't Jena look fantastic after having baby #3!?
Look! You can actually see a baby bump Liz!
Parker was kind of grumpy all night...something about traveling all the time and not getting enough sleep. Yes, I do feel kind of guilty about how crazy we've been the last few weeks!
Here's Tristen, Ken and their kids - I think this is the first time we've gotten their whole family in one shot!
Jessica, Emmett and Lily came by even though Ben was deathly ill. Thanks guys! We're all still grateful for those eggs :)
Here's Kim! She was one of our first friends in the Bay Area and we still love her :)
Tyrah and Joe were some of our first friends in Berkeley - it was so fun to see them!
This picture of Mark and Scott is extremely flattering...
Woohoo for Sarah, Charlie and Kramer!! We miss these guys a lot - Landon and Charlie always have so much fun together!
It was really hard to say a real "goodbye" to all of these amazing people, but you all know that we'll be expecting visits in Colorado!
Part 3: Graduation
The actual day of graduation was kind of crazy. Landon threw up the minute we parked the car on campus, so my Mom was kind enough to stay with him at the hotel while we all went to the ceremony. It was sad that she missed it, but I am so grateful to her for staying so that I could be there for that moment!
Scott's Dad got to be his "hooder" for the ceremony. It was really neat having him participate when he has been such a huge support and inspiration to Scott!
Here's Scott recieving his degree:
Carrie and Liz and Steve were able to come to the ceremony with us. These guys were the BEST friends and neighbors - they helped us through so much, so it was great to have them there. I miss potlucks :(
We were so happy to have Scott's parents there - they've supported us the whole way!!
Here's my handsome graduate:
I can't believe it's actually over! We did it! We're definitely sad to be leaving student life, but very excited for the future. Congrats Scott!