Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fun and Messes

We are loving the new area in our science museum. Brooke is DYING to be tall enough to play with everything!

The boys are so sweet with Brooke and help her do really anything she wants (including finding the candy in the cupboard...we've had to chat about that).

Checking out the giant tortoise at the zoo!

Brooke is also a huge fan of making messes. WAY more than the boys were at this age. It's like she's a magnet for anything breakable or messy! She has already shattered a snow globe and a measuring bowl. I have finally started giving her messy things to play with so she won't go searching for it!

Turns out Parker really likes messes, too.

Brooke fell asleep on the floor the other day, and when I went to put her in her bed, she was gone. The boys told me that they had put her in the "Queen's bed" (Landon's bed with a canopy made of pillows. I have no idea how she was still asleep!!

The boys helped me make a mine craft birthday cake for a friend of theirs. They were so creative!

Saturday is our project/experiment day and we are loving it!!

This is my favorite outfit on Brooke right now. So cute!!!

Rhys got to choose a Mommy day activity, so he chose the Aquarium (he said Brooke could come along). They both loved it...except for the sharks. He wasn't sure about them - he sometimes said they made him sad, then would say he loved them. So funny!

What!? I just saw that Rhys didn't finish his oatmeal! You know, in the 2 seconds it took you to load something in the dishwasher.

Landon told me to send this picture to Scott and say "Man down!!"

She really does get everything she wants from these boys...I am a little scared that she is going to be incredibly spoiled!!

Couldn't make it all the way through church:

My new fave salad - brussel sprouts (roasted), kale and other goodies. So yummy!!

Thursday, November 13, 2014


We had a lot of fun for Halloween this year! For the ward trunk or treat, I was Princess Leia, Brooke was the cutest little strawberry around, Rhys was Donald Duck (and the boys were pirates and a jedi)

Enjoying the spoils:

I think this is Brooke's new favorite holiday:

Landon keeps dressing Brooke up in this Ariel nightgown my Mom bought her in Disneyland. It's hilarious listening to him - "Ok, Brookie, just one arm here, good job!"

We had so much fun playing in (and eating) the leaves!! Parker and Rhys made a huge leaf wall in front of the swing set!

Playing our early Christmas present from Grandma!

We went to a Halloween party with our homeschool friends - Parker and Rhys insisted on dressing up as the Hulk and Captain America. Rhys kept saying, "I am SO STRONG!". Gotta love the fake muscles!

Decorating cookies:

Brooke snuck outside and ate Landon's cupcake. She knows where the good stuff is!

Another day, another ariel nightgown:

Pumpkins!! Landon and Parker did their own this year - everyone had a blast!

We had our friends over for roasted brain, mummy dogs, frogs eye pudding and...jello. Haha!

Then REAL trick or treating. We were a little slow because Brooke wanted to walk! A week or so after Halloween, she finally became walking independent! Yay!

Disney Part 2

I loved showing the boys "World of Color". They have added so much to it since I had been last! The kids all thought they were pretty cool being out past dark!

We are officially a "keen" family:

For some reason, on days 2 and 3, Rhys was being really grumpy about the rides. He was really tired, but every time - once we convinced him to get on - he loved them! Casey Junior:

Checking everything out:

Again, looking at characters from afar. They loved watching Pooh and Tigger!

Brooke and Euan hanging out!

This was the one ride we waited more than 15 min. for - the Jungle Cruise. I am so glad we did, because the kids all loved it! Rhys was fully convinced that all the animals were real and Brooke was shrieking with delight the entire ride!

The group (minus my Dad - he had to leave early!):

We were pushing so hard the entire time, that we didn't stop to get a castle pic! This is the best we could do:

Goofy's flight school:

The Carousel (Rhys' favorite after the Jungle Cruise)

Bug's Life rides:

Loved seeing this sign!

Rhys checking out the lights:

 Rocket Ships!

More carousel!

My Mom hooked Brooke up with her first "girlie" toys. A minnie purse and an ariel barbie. She is SO a girl - she immediately knew what to do with them. She couldn't care less about cars (which is unfortunate, because we have tons of them!) but she loves animals and babies and tiny accessories. So hilarious!

More water time - at least we brought clothes this time.

This story I just have to document. We tried a few different times to ride Space Mountain and kept getting skunked - they clamped down on fast pass times and won't honor it after the fact any more, the ride broke down, etc. When we went at the end of the day and they said it was stalled, we told the girl that we REALLY wanted to ride it and had tried over and over. And this was our last day! She gave us a pass to come up through the exit where we could hopefully ride it if it started again - and sure enough, we were able to ride it. We were so grateful! And....then we got on the ride. We had NO IDEA that they make it super creepy and scary for Halloween! There were creepy zombies throughout the whole ride! We felt like the worst parents ever for taking our kids on it, and you can see, we were closing eyes and ears for most of it (to block out the zombie screaming). Scott and I were laughing after that we should have taken those things as a sign - we were not supposed to ride this!! So funny. But it did make for a very good chat with the boys!

Another fun story at the racers: we got on for our last ride and our car didn't have audio. Meanwhile, Landon was upset that he wasn't sitting in the front (because he wanted to be in the picture). All in all, not the fun last ride we were hoping for. So, I mentioned the audio problem to the ride operator when we got off - she totally shuttled us over and got us right on another car. This one had audio and the boys were able to sit in the front. It's hilarious...because you can't really see them in the picture anyway! Just a little Disney magic :)

On the shuttle going to the airport - everyone was tuckered out, but so glad we went!!