Saturday, April 18, 2015


We flew out to Atlanta for a couple of days to visit our cousins! The boys were SO excited to see Olivia and Adam. Chrissy put us all through some pretty intense workouts:

We went to the Varsity for lunch!

And then on to the World of Coke!

I think the tasting room was the favorite!

This girl was tuckered out!

Thanks Chad and Chrissy for showing us a good time! We love our family!

Recent Quotes

M: Rhys, you are being pretty grumpy today. Maybe we could think of all the things we are grateful for instead of wining about things we don't have? Like: you have a Mommy and Daddy who love you, you have brothers and a sister, you just had a warm breakfast, and we are doing a puzzle!

R: Yeah, but Mom, the thing is...I want other things because all of that is boring. Can I please have a treat?

R: What are carnivores?
M: Anything that eats meat.
R: ...I think blueberries are carnivores.

L: I really love and hate Brooke. I love her because she is so cute and funny, but I hate her because she wrecks all my stuff!

R: (to Parker) It's just you and me, brah.

P: Ok, tonight we are making lists of 10 things we want to accomplish when we are older. Rhys, what is on your list?
R: You know those cups we use for drinking? I want to be able to hold those with one hand.

P: Mom, if there was a war, I would go. I would risk my life for you.

S: Rhys, I will leave the hallway light on for you since you are afraid of the dark, ok? Is that pretty good?
R: Dad, no, but seriously. Look around. It's still really dark!

L: Mom! I just destroyed Parker again! In a battle of wits!, I used my wits!!

R: Mom, did you know that me and Brooke are in love?

R: MOM!!! Brooke pooped in the bath!!! And I touched it!!!

L: Mom, I just made up a new joke: look at that bread, it's crustfallen.

P: Landon, you are being so mean, I am just going to erase you from my life. Like my kids will say "do we have any Uncles?" and I will say "no, well except for that one I forgot. What was his name again?"

P: That's like $30,000. That's a real number, right?

M: Hey Parker, you ready to go?
P: Yeah, I think I look ok. Also, I feel like whistling all day.

M: Rhys, what are you doing up there?
R: I am going up to do my Father in Heaven game!

R: Mom, did you know I know lots about tigers?
M: You do? What do you know?
R: They, like, walk and make noises. And come back and stuff.

R: Don't do that! That would break my feelings!!
L: Mom, he just said "break my feelings"...hahaha
R: ...Actually it just breaks my heart.

M: Who do you want to invite to your birthday party?
R: Well...I think friends would eat a lot of cake. I don't think I want any friends at my birthday party.
M: Could I make extra cake for your friends?
R: Nope. They would just want mine, because it will be the best.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


She has hair! Long enough for pigtails! Half the time she rips out the elastics before we even make it to the car, but it's so fun!

Me with some girls from my soccer team. I love playing indoor!

We tried out a new fun jumping place. Brooke was a fan.

Rhys LOVES holding Rosie!

Parker finished up with his indoor soccer. He can't wait to play with some of these kids in the spring!

The boys are SO proud of their books that they wrote and illustrated.

Every once in awhile, we have to make and ice sugar cookies. It's a big deal for these kids! 

Another ski trip means lots of games for the condo!

Rhys decided this box would be his bed one night. I don't think he lasted more than a few hours!

Skiing with friends!

The snow sculptures were on display - they were amazing!

Beautiful view of the ski area.

Parker made a Valentine for himself. I laughed pretty hard :)

We decided to make snow ice cream for dessert one night and it was surprisingly good! And easy! This picture pretty much epitomizes her life. "Oh Brooke, do you want my sucker? Here you go!". So spoiled.

Homemade mac 'n cheese for a snack. These boys are eating me out of house and home!

Remember what I said about spoiled? These boys call her "Queen Brooke" and that's pretty much how she is treated at all times.

We took the older boys to Cinderella and I think it is one of my favorite shows we've been to! They loved it!

Running in the field on a beautiful day!

Parker's primary class. Mom, notice that scripture case??

More fun at the park!

I sometimes forget that we are at high altitude. And that it's February. Sunburn!

We have been doing an art/music swap class with an artist friend of mine. This month we took a trip to the museum and the kids loved it!

This picture cracks me up. Brooke thinks she is a part of the action and Rhys LOVES to be included by his older brothers. This makes my heart happy!

This is where Brooke hangs out during Landon's basketball games. LOCKERS!!

Parker doing sit ups before his last game.

Queen Brooke's loyal subjects have revolted at the stench of a poopy diaper. Sad day...haha.

Hump Month

My brother Bryson is on a mission in CA. We took some pictures to celebrate his one year mark!

Parker at soccer and Landon at basketball (dribbling in the background):

Bryson's favorite place!
Scott and I went to "Forbidden Broadway" with some friends. We love going to shows...and getting Coldstone afterwards.

Brooke and her favorite baby, Charlie.

All of my kids. Sometimes I really can't believe I have four kids!? What!??!?

Brooke is so girl. She couldn't care less about cars or trucks, she just wants to carry around babies. And cook in the play kitchen. It's hilarious to see that she gravitates towards those things even in a house full of boy stuff!

Landon is learning to sew! He helped make this stuffed animal sleeping bag for a friend's birthday party. We then had to make one for each kid in our family...they were just that cool.

Loving our warm January days!!

Coloring while naked is just the best.

Park days!

Having a pizza cup snack at the Butterfly Pavilion. My mom gave me this idea to put pizza dough in a muffin tin, fill with sauce and cheese, bake and freeze. It has been so great for fast, mess free lunches!

Brooke LOVES animals. I can't wait to start taking her to the zoo when it warms up for good!