Monday, November 30, 2015

Trip to Sand Dunes National Park, Utah, and more!

We had a busy summer, but one of the highlights was watching these two play in the backyard together. Brooke loves the swingset!

We were so excited to finally make it to the Sand Dunes!! We booked a later date than we had originally planned, but luckily the creek was still flowing. It got SO hot on the dunes after about 10am! We went with some good friends and our kids had a blast!

Playing in the creek!

There was an amazing waterfall hike (I think it was Zapata falls?). It was the closest we had been to the base of any falls, and this one was big! It was kind of a precarious climb, but the boys did great!

So fun to share the trip with friends!!

Brooke's new hobby...

When we got back, we did lots of swimming and celebrated this boy's birthday!!

He wanted a rainbow cake!

Ooh, one thing I forgot about the Sand Dunes - in the town closest to the park, there is an alligator farm/reptile park. We all got to hold an alligator! I guess it started because of the natural warm spring water there.

Brooke was fascinated with this turtle!

Looking for gators!

This brought back memories...

Cooling down!

We rented sand boards for the kids!

Ok, back again to being home. Landon went to Scout camp and had a blast. 

Landon also tried out baseball and loved it! Brooke loved jumping in puddles while we watched :)

Then we were off to Utah! I signed the boys up for BYU basketball camp. They loved it! Highlights were stopping in at some old favorites and seeing friends!

Tom and I lived across the street from each other during undergrad!

Stacie and Nick are family AND friends! Brooke and Rhys mooched "noo-noos" off of Uncle Nick. 

They took us to the Bean museum, which everyone loved!

Rhys got to see his best friend in the whole world: Rose. She moved away last year and Rhys has missed her ever since!

Back home again - lots of park days. Brooke insists on doing anything she sees the boys do (including standing up in the swing!)

I refinished our kitchen table! The chairs took forever, but I am so happy with the outcome!

All Rhys wanted to do for his birthday was go to Elitch Gardens. It was a little late, but we found a day to go! He loved it!

The best news of the summer was that we bought a new home! We released thousands of ladybugs near our newly planted garden. And you can see the new turtle enclosure (part of it) behind Brooke.

The worst news was that our turtle Spike died just a couple of weeks before we moved. He was such a great pet!! A raccoon got to him right before he would have been in a completely enclosed habitat. So sad. We took him to the vet, but he didn't make it. We did beetle clean his shell and skull so that Parker could keep it!

Next little trip was to CO Springs. We visited Air Force (this is the amazing chapel):

And the Olympic Training Center:

Lots of fun and lots of "must-do's" crossed off our list!