Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Southern Utah Part 1

We were SO excited for our hiking trip. To preface: not a ton of hiking was actually accomplished. Some, yes, but mostly we just enjoyed being in these beautiful places! After one long Bryce Canyon hike, the boys were pretty much tired out. Forever. So we did the best we could :). 

We hit Arches on the drive out. We only did one small hike there, but it was amazing!

There was a sand hill in between two rock walls. Needless to say, we spent plenty of time here on the way in and on the way back out.

So pretty.

We saw many lizards on the trail - Landon actually caught this one. He was huge and had beautiful orange markings! He was safely returned to his home after some observation :)

Landscape arch

Scott and Parker hit another arch - maybe sand dune arch was the name? Landon slammed his finger in a heavy metal door (bathroom) and was in a lot of pain. 6 weeks later, we discovered his finger was fractured. At the time, we bandaged it, he could bend it and he didn't complain after a couple of hours. We figured it was fine! 6 weeks later, he said "Mom, this finger still hurts". After an X-ray, I felt like a really awesome Mom. Poor kid!

We settled at our condo and then met up with our friends at Bryce canyon. This was probably my favorite day of the trip. We took the hike down into the canyon and came out through "wall street". Such an amazing hike. Unfortunately, Rhys decided he couldn't possibly walk...any steps that day. So I carried two babies down the trail and Scott packed our food and water. It actually balanced out nicely!

This kid - always catching creatures. 

And this kid - always sliding on his bum.

It was truly a joy to do this hike - the kids loved it! 

 No...this is not my kid feeding the wildlife.

Wall street! Rhys started falling asleep on my back, but couldn't actually fall asleep, because apparently my shoulder blades are not very comfortable to lay on. So Scott took him the rest of the way. Sleeping :)

After all of those switchbacks, we enjoyed the view from the top! 

Happy boy after a nap!


L: My hair feels like tiger skin. Even though it's not tiger skin.

R: I want to eat aaaaallllll of that candy. But then we would get sugar bugs, right Mom? But I don't want to eat sugar bugs. That's gross.

R: Mom, what is that??
M: That is a tampon.
R: .......is it for eating?

R: Can I have a suckerish?
M: What is a suckerish?
R: It's that yummy thing. In my treat bag?
M: OH, you mean licorice?
R: Yeah! Suckerish!

R: This is my husband. (looking at a little people man) Is this called a husband?

P: Mom, look! There's a bush with fruit on it and...have you seen any bunnies?

M: I am so tired today! I just want to sleep all day long.
R: You want to sleep all the time? Just like Papa Len?

P: He looks like a big bear.
M: You think?
P: Yep!
M: Adults must look really funny to kids sometimes. How do I look to you?
P: You look....perfect.

P: Landon! Don't kill him, he's my friend!
L: He is a raggedy, old spider

P: How many humiliators are in my water bottle?
M:.....you mean milliliters?

P: Can I start a gambling club with my friends?
M: What? Do you even know what gambling is?
P: Yes. We could buy a Lego set and everyone puts in money and whoever wins the game gets the set.
M: .......that's disturbing.

M: That's why we have hairs in our nose. When the air comes in, they help to filter out all of the junk in the air, like dust.
R: And boogers!?

P: (playing Spore) I love it when I mate. Making babies is fun.

P: I saw that and thought "hey is it a spider?" But then I saw that it had a proboscis

M: Scott, we have to have a cat that can have a litter at least once. It was one of the best parts of my childhood! Our kids need to see that process and see those sweet little babies.
P: ......Cats can have babies without getting married?

R: ugh. My bum is hot. It's ok. When my bum is hot, I just lay down for a minute. Then it's not hot anymore!

R: Mom! Is "toot!" An onomatopoeia??

Thursday, August 14, 2014

End of School

Parker's kindergarten graduation! He had SO much fun homeschooling this year and loved his kinder grad (at his one-day-a-week school). 

My volunteering position this year was helping with the year end picnic and graduation - I didn't realize how well I had been prepared for things like this through church service!

Parker made a really nice home for his ladybug (including a hand stitched pillow!)

This little girl is the cutest...

Landon apologies are getting better and better ;)

As are his cooking skills!

I love that my kids love to read!

We said goodbye to our good friends (they moved to Utah) - you can see how Rhys feels about it! The whole time we were helping pack, he kept saying "I don't like this!". He loves Rose and is so sad she isn't here anymore! 

We claimed a few things out of their "goodwill" pile and one was a broken printer. The boys had a blast taking it apart!

Lots of park days this summer - Brooke loves being outside.

I can't really explain how much Landon loves Scouts. He LOVES it. Like, he is dressed in his uniform at noon on scouting days. It's probably his most favorite thing right now!

Another little gift from Rose - this baby carriage. It has become a Brookie carriage. The boys give her rides all over the house and she totally lets them!

Landon's first order of business with scouting was to sew on his own patches. He did a great job using the sewing machine!

More South Dakota

We visited a few other places in South Dakota. This whole trip was SUCH a blast. We will definitely be going back! Here we are in Badlands national park - our after church family walk, hence the church clothes for half of us.

On one rainy day we went to a nearby indoor watermark. The boys thought it was awesome! Parker bashed his head on one of the slides and had a huge goose egg...but he had a lot of fun before that happened :).

More fun at the campsite. I don't love sleepless nights, but THIS is why we camp:

 We went to Storybook Island in Rapid City (where the church was, so it worked out perfectly!). It's a huge, fun, FREE park. The kids loved it! I am not quite sure how they aren't getting sued for using all of these characters!? 

Childhood nightmares...

We ate a yummy packed lunch - it was a great opportunity to talk about not buying things on Sunday :).

 On our way out of Badlands, we stopped at this original sod home. This might have been my favorite part of the trip. It was SO SO cool to see how these homes were built!

This is pretty much exactly what my root cellar looked like as a kid (or at least how I remember it!):

Parker said it smelled disgusting in there...haha.

Sod chicken coop. How lucky were those chickens!?

Sluicing at the KOA while Daddy finished packing up the car!

This girl was pretty darn sick of the car on the way home. We had to make a few stops to entertain...and make sure she knew we hadn't forgotten about her :).