Monday, September 29, 2014

Mexico Pt. 2

Sayalita!! We took a bus ride to spend a day at the beach in this amazing little town. The waves were still pretty big, so we used them - boogie boarding! Parker and Landon were scared at first, but had a BLAST once they got used to it. I was so proud of them!

These cuties played...and slept...and ate.

Vanessa and Dave chilling after their surf lessons. Dave was really sick, but he still did it!

More boarding!

Landon started getting up on his knees!

There was a little stream running into the ocean, so we thought "hey! Let's give our kids giardia!". This was by far their favorite place to play - and Brooke did her best to catch a parasite (didn't succeed!).

Parker was dead set on trying coconut milk! He was not a huge fan. But he LOVED the machete they used to open it with!

Tuckered out and ready to head home!

Foot bath!

Found a little crab on the road:

We stopped for Vanessa to grab some Thai food:

While the kids were sleeping, I found a gecko in the hallway and caught it. It was a fun surprise for them when they woke up! He was SO darn fast, they only held him for a few minutes before he escaped.

This we call "Murder Alley". We walked through here to get to the supermercado and the bus. This is the route I took to purchase - and feed to our guests - chicharron. No more white girls allowed to buy Mexican meats!

Rhys loved this frog in the airport!

We hit the flea market on our way home and bought Scott a new wedding ring. The boys loved looking at things, though they need training in how to not seem invested!

It was an awesome trip - so glad we went!

Mexico Part 1

We found cheap flights from Denver to Puerta Vallarta, so we took off for 4 days of relaxation! We LOVED Puerta Vallarta. We had only been to Cancun and I think PV is our new favorite. There's so much more variety and culture there! The sunsets were phenomenal!

I happeened to be sitting on the beach with Rhys and Brooke when a guy started roping off an area. I asked him what it was for - he said they were releasing sea turtle at dusk (through a conservation society). We were so excited! Scott and the other kids met us down there and we played on the beach until it got dark. 

The kids were in their clothes, so it wasn't long until they were either rolled up or...pretty much naked!

This is the only picture we have to remember holding those cute little turtles! We weren't allowed to use flash and it was too dark! They were SO small and SO much stronger than I thought!

Parker and Rhys loved eating breakfast on the balcony:

Parker having some bonding time with Brooke:

Pool time always followed beach time!

Our friends Dave and Vanessa met us down in PV - it was so fun to have game nights after the kids went to bed! There were really big waves one night on the beach - Dave and the older boys had a blast jumping in them! The night, the adults went down to watch them crashing on the beach and even sweeping onto the pool deck!

These are our 1st day of school photos :)

The best part of our trip was having an unexpected layover in Phoenix - at first it didn't seem like a good thing, but after spending a day with our cousins, it was a blessing! And Brooke had an ear infection, so we were really grateful to hit an urgent care and get her some antibiotics before leaving the States. God works in mysterious ways :). 


It's peaceful and beautiful in the mornings here - this was on Scott's run around the lake:

We try to take the kids to sports games every once in awhile and we couldn't pass up Star Wars night at the Rockies game - we all got t-shirts!

Stopped for some Nutella pizza downtown:

Rhys and Parker loved their gymnastics class!

Landon loves doing my hair in weird ways and taking pictures :)

Rhys loves pushing Brookie on the swings!