Monday, March 31, 2014

More November Fun

Landon and Scott went skiing for the day and checked out the 3D movie theater:

Date night!

Scott and Landon went to "Jackie and Me" - a play about Jackie Robinson.  This was a field trip through our homeschool group.  Landon loved it!

Day at the zoo!

Rhys loves to play in the snow...for at least 10 min :)

Landon and Parker (and Brandon and Tamsin) helped me make Rhys' Christmas present!  I'll post the finished product at some point.

This is how vacuuming happens at our house!

Landon is such a good older brother - he tries so hard to help his siblings!

This was Parker's turkey program at school.  He decided to homeschool after Christmas break, but had a blast going to kindergarten for the first part of the year!  The little boy standing to the right of him was a friend of Parker's this year.  He had a lot of behavior issues in class, so Parker decided to try to look after him and help him.  I didn't know ANY of this was going on until Parker's teacher told me about it.  I guess whenever we would be out of town, Parker would assign him to another kid in the class, telling them that they had to help him follow the rules that day.  SO SWEET!  I am so impressed with Parker and his ability to look past the outward, obvious things about a person and just remember that we are all children of God.  He invited this boy for play dates and to his birthday party, even though he wasn't always nice.  Seriously, so proud.

My friend Barbara getting some Brookie time:

Kuma was SO interested in her!!

Rhys and Brooke

This little boy loves his sister.  SO MUCH!

Rhys and Brooke are so much fun right now (and very busy, which makes for a lot of work even though it's a blast!).  Rhys loves to vacuum and help with chores (except when he doesn't):

Brooke is crazy cute:

Scott has always held our babies in interesting positions.  They love it!

Sweet girl.

Rhys was THRILLED to be able to babysit our friends hamster for a few days.  He didn't want to touch it, but loved watching it run around in the ball:

He still falls asleep in random places around the house sometimes.  It reminds me that he's still a little guy (even though he wants to be big):

First smiles:

 Rhys LOVES art:

And the children's museum!

Ski Day

We have been having so much fun skiing this year.  We went up as a family for the day:

I found this book rack at the thrift store and sanded/painted it (it was a nasty 70s brown before).  I love it!

Guess how much this tooth knockout cost me....It's his second one!

Sleep and Art

I found Landon sleeping this way :).

This was my favorite - Brooke fell asleep on my chest and left a little ear imprint.  Sigh.

This was a Halloween project the boys did with Shanda.  They were very proud.

This is Landon's way of asking for treats without begging :).

I love seeing the boys creativity in their artwork.  I think it's so fun that their ideas of how to draw and color is so different from one another!  Parker really likes to use lots of colors and to outline in black, Landon likes to draw as accurately as possible in just a couple of colors.  And he likes warfare.