Sunday, January 11, 2015

Parker's Birthday and More!

Setting up the tree is always a much anticipated event. The boys love getting out the ornaments and they are actually pretty good at placing them evenly around the tree!

Parker was SO excited to have his birthday. He insisted on decorating his cake with two of his favorite pokemon (and a "7" candle...and lego candles). He has such strong opinions! When I helped him do the cake, he told me that it didn't look great, but it was ok because I had tried my best. Thanks buddy.

Celebrating with friends in Breckenridge!

She gets cuter by the day!

When the older boys are gone, I like to take the little two to some of our favorite "little people" places. Rhys and Brooke had a blast at this museum:

Parker finally went back to short hair, but only after we shaved in a mohawk for crazy hair day at school!

We went to the school Christmas party for the older boys - it was a blast!

Rhys' best friends are teenage girls. They are so sweet to him :)

The boys loved building REAL gingerbread houses last year with our friends, so when they saw this kit at the store, they were begging! I told them they could get it if it was less than $10. They lucked out!

Brooke would sneak up on the table and try to bite candies off of this! It was hilarious to watch.

Brooke loves to scavenge food from the table. Waffles...

Parker's birthday dinner of choice - a buffet! They were stuffed:

Brooke checking out butterflies:

I love how her personality is coming out! She is extremely social...not sure where she got that!

Parker had the chance to go to Elitch Gardens with a friend. He felt very privileged!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Getting Ready for Holidays

You could feel the energy in our house as we started to enjoy the season. The kids love playing hand hockey (or "little stick" hockey):

Making whipped cream!

Playing football at the park - enjoying our last nice days!!

Landon has found a new hobby: building models. He has done a T-boat and a helicopter so far.

We have to put fleece jambes on this girl every night or her feet are freezing! She takes after me...

We have gone up skiing a few times and even spent a weekend up there with our friends. It was a blast and the weather was gorgeous!!

The boys are starting to pixie each other. So sweet!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fun and Messes

We are loving the new area in our science museum. Brooke is DYING to be tall enough to play with everything!

The boys are so sweet with Brooke and help her do really anything she wants (including finding the candy in the cupboard...we've had to chat about that).

Checking out the giant tortoise at the zoo!

Brooke is also a huge fan of making messes. WAY more than the boys were at this age. It's like she's a magnet for anything breakable or messy! She has already shattered a snow globe and a measuring bowl. I have finally started giving her messy things to play with so she won't go searching for it!

Turns out Parker really likes messes, too.

Brooke fell asleep on the floor the other day, and when I went to put her in her bed, she was gone. The boys told me that they had put her in the "Queen's bed" (Landon's bed with a canopy made of pillows. I have no idea how she was still asleep!!

The boys helped me make a mine craft birthday cake for a friend of theirs. They were so creative!

Saturday is our project/experiment day and we are loving it!!

This is my favorite outfit on Brooke right now. So cute!!!

Rhys got to choose a Mommy day activity, so he chose the Aquarium (he said Brooke could come along). They both loved it...except for the sharks. He wasn't sure about them - he sometimes said they made him sad, then would say he loved them. So funny!

What!? I just saw that Rhys didn't finish his oatmeal! You know, in the 2 seconds it took you to load something in the dishwasher.

Landon told me to send this picture to Scott and say "Man down!!"

She really does get everything she wants from these boys...I am a little scared that she is going to be incredibly spoiled!!

Couldn't make it all the way through church:

My new fave salad - brussel sprouts (roasted), kale and other goodies. So yummy!!