Friday, February 20, 2015

Last Day in AZ and HOME!

We visited the science museum in Phoenix - it was awesome!! The bed of nails was a huge hit:

Back in CO, we were loving the snow! Ski angels:

 While the boys were skiing, Rhys, Brooke, and I hit their favorite play place.

Beautiful Boulder sunset:

More bouncy fun!

All the boys love this little girl - she isn't lacking for playtime!

More chocolate please, Mom!

Rhys went through about two weeks where he slept like this - on our floor - every night. So funny!

Somehow I got pink eye!? None of the other kids got it - so strange.

Children's museum! Brooke is getting old enough that it is SO fun for her!

The boys have adopted the top of this wall as their personal club house. I think it's so fun!

They still love to bake and are getting really good at it!


These pictures are all out of order, but I don't have time to organize them! We went to AZ after Christmas to celebrate Len and Kit's 50th wedding anniversary. It was a wonderful trip!

We had family photo's taken and they turned out great! The boys were surprisingly cooperative for how cold it was!

Rhys and Brooke decided they didn't want individual shots done...but I think I love these more than if they had been perfect!

We did a family sing along!

Pics of the whole family!

Then we had a nice dinner and program. The food was great and it was so fun watching everyone perform!

Lots of fun games at Aunt Whitney's house - including cheetos thrown at Whitney and Chrissy's heads!

This girl was in heaven running to all the aunts and uncles!

The potato derby was by far the most fun activity for our kids. We used potatoes, poker chips, and decorations to do our own races on the derby track. Hilarious!  Landon and Katie won!

Then we went to the park and played in our reunion t-shirts. I think they turned out SO great!

We spent lots of time at Whitney's house playing!

Brooke and I in our matching skirts!

Rhys and Brooke eating yummy lemon bread from Mama Kit - she left us a care package in our hotel rooms!

We are so glad we were able to go spend time together - what a wonderful family we have!!