Friday, July 18, 2014


We try to focus on the spiritual side of Easter, but also enjoy the fun traditions! The boys love the egg hunt (ahem...the Easter bunny may have forgotten to hide the eggs...we used some pretty sweet distraction techniques to get the job done!)

This is probably one of my favorite pictures ever:

Good job Easter bunny!

Our family - I can't believe we have 4 kids!

We went to renew passports for our trip to Canada (coming soon) and saw this mother goose sitting on her a flower pot!

I had to document this: spilled flour and a tiny footprint. I wonder who did it...


This was awhile ago (like before Brooke was born), but I scanned it in and had to document it! Ice cream with friends:

What could possibly be under all of those pillows...

Cake for breakfast?

We made a cardboard puzzle of the USA!

The boys love the Peter Pan park - especially when everyone is in school :)

Our neighbors brought their chicks over - so cute! We kept them far away from Brooke this time.

I don't know how it took me 4 KIDS to find out about the bath ring, but it is AMAZING! It makes bath time SO much easier!

Scanning Pictures

I was able to use a friends photo scanner to scan in ALL of Scott's mission photos. I love having copies of them digitally. This was such an important time in his life that needs to be preserved!

Oh Rhys

This kid is hilarious. Here he is boxing in his plastic pants (when he really wanted to use the, not so much).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Welcome Spring!

How cute is she!?

We LOVE springtime! My yard is filled with blossoms and it makes me so happy :). We also love just spending time outside and enjoying the sunshine. 

Rhys and Parker spelling names with sticks:


She is growing up way too fast. This sweatshirt is her favorite thing in the world - she loves playing with the ties!

We took everyone to a LaCrosse game in Denver!

Landon and Parker decided to play flag football this year - they had a blast!

Spring craft in preparation for Easter - these are blown eggs they did with my friend, Shanda.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Children's Museum and Chicks

Parker in a basket!

Rhys as Iron Man!

We have been going to a new Children's Museum and we love it!! We took friends along for this trip:

The kids loved the veterinarian center! I think I had to be the "person with a hurt pet" 50 times :)

I have always cut my boys hair and I have to say...I'm getting pretty darn good! A faux-hawk and stair steps were requested this time around:

I can't really describe how much Landon loves his little sister:

My friend Barbara had a few chicks at her house - the boys love seeing them each spring!!

This was right before Brooke ATE the chick. Seriously, her swipe was so darn fast!! The chick survived...but it was a close call!

Brooke also had her first experience at the Dino play place at the mall. She had a blast - especially because her brothers took her around to see everything!