Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back Home

Scott took the boys to their first soccer game - go Rapids!

Parker loves to climb trees...

And tease his sister!

Mini golfing before MY soccer game!

Don't know how that was comfortable...

 Parker had to puke...and even though he was in the kitchen, he decided to try to make it to his bowl. In the living room. Right....

Baby shoes!! And those thighs!!

I tried to paint Brooke's!

This boy....sigh.

Brooke discovered kleenex and she is never going back!

Rhys loves to make things with light brights. Especially war zones!

I'm not tired Mom, I promise!

Our annual trip to Lakeside Amusement Park!

Colorado Springs

We went camping with friends in CO Springs. Brooke LOVED the dirt:

Cave of the Winds!

The boys thought this motorbike was the coolest thing ever!

Brooke was so tuckered out! Napping in the tent!

We went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - if you ever get the chance to go, you should totally do it. It was the BEST zoo! The boys were able to feed a Rhino and Giraffes!

Getting sprayed by a pretend Rhino :)

Playing in an old airplane!

Giraffe feeding:

This was outside of Cave of the Winds. We still have a thing for gems and rocks in our family :)

We did a little bit of walking around Garden of the Gods:

It was a great trip! We are already planning to go back and catch a few more things that we couldn't squish into this trip!

More Fun at Home

Rhys is now potty trained, but for awhile there, it looked like it might never happen!! He would say "DON'T LOOK AT ME!" and then find a place to hide and poop. This was one of his favorite spots:

I am so glad that's over :). Brooke has been having a blast discovering the fun places we go. The Children's Museum is a big hit!

Parker made a lego Parker:

This girl has quite the feisty personality - so fun!

We love riding bikes outside!

Yay Brookie!

We were able to watch our cousins for a whole day - it was crazy and fun! Lots of play-doh...

And seriously...this is one of my most amazing parent moments ever. FIVE kids sleeping in the car at the same time! Parker, Rhys, Brooke, Grant and Ian. YES! I took them to a play place and they were all tuckered out!

We went to one of our favorite parks (far away, so we only go once a year or so!) this summer. It has a train, a petting zoo, playgrounds and a creek!

Our tomato plants have been taking off - especially the one in the sun!

Parker calls this "Grandma baby, Grandpa Parker and Rhys Dad". Bubble baths are awesome!

Brooke loves to yell at the boys through the cat door!

Landon participated in a choir this summer and this is a snippet from their final performance!

I have a pattern for making baby so cute!!

We did an art project to teach the kids collage art - Parker loved it and often makes me collage pictures. This is me playing in the grass on a sunny day :)