Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cruise Part 2

Well, I got a little distracted over the last few months!! Here is the rest of our vacation with Scott's family! 

We got to spend a day on St. Maarten with the whole family. We took a water taxi over to the beach:

We were the only people there! 

We took some fun photos! Unfortunately, Chad and Adam weren't able to come (and weren't in the big family picture). We missed them!

Landon took a pic of us in the room:

More fun at the pool!!

Our last formal night on the ship! After dinner, we went to Mama Kit's room to play games and chat. We let the kids stay up extra late and they were thrilled!

Rebecca, Anna, and I even got to compete in a karaoke competition!

 Last night on the boardwalk - hot dogs and cards!
I was kind of excited to get off the ship - I've decided that being in crowds of people is not my favorite thing. On a side note: Rhys had a horrible reaction to a bite and we had to take him to the Dr. on the ship. We thought it was a spider bite, but it happened again about a week after we got home. Turns out that his body has a threshold for mosquito bites - too many, and he has an overactive immune response! So sad! Anyway, once we got off the ship, we decided to stay in FL for a few extra days. We stayed in a timeshare and spent some time at the beach:

I was able to take the boys to a sea turtle preservation tour - it was nesting season on the beaches! And then we went to the South Florida Science Center. 

By far our favorite day, though, was going to Peanut Island. We almost didn't go (because the kids were being grumpy, the parking lot was weird, and we didn't have cash for the water taxi!), but we pressed on and I am SO glad we did!! The island was amazing. There is an old Kennedy bunker there and the snorkeling was incredibly good! The kids could have caught crabs there for days.

As soon as the sun started to go down, it got chilly fast. We changed and caught one of the last boats back to the mainland. 

She was completely tuckered out.

Then it was back to the hotel and we left the next day! Brooke loved playing on the luggage carts. She is such a daredevil! Rhys was so exhausted!! We loved our time with family!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Family Cruise Pt.1

We have been looking forward to this vacation for a couple of years, and it finally arrived! All of Scott's family went on a cruise to celebrate Len and Kit's 50th wedding anniversary. It was SO fun to be with everybody and to go to such beautiful places. All of our crazy boys on the balcony:

There were lots of Dreamworks characters to meet:

The carousel was a favorite!!

We went to a show most nights - some were really great and others were...slightly odd. But it was so fun seeing them together!

These two were stuck together the whole cruise. They are such good friends!

I loved spending time with the oldest nieces: Rebecca, Anna, and Olivia. They are awesome!

Our first stop was at the Bahamas - we decided to go on an excursion to a lagoon that day. The food was amazing (plantains, rice, beans, chicken...need I say more?) and the water was gorgeous. It was the first time for our boys snorkeling and they loved it!

Our next stop was in St. Thomas. The transportation was horrendous and we couldn't get a cab to take us to the place we actually wanted to go, so we came to Coki point instead. It was pretty busy, but had some of the best snorkeling I have ever seen. The water was crystal clear and around the rocks (off the busy beach) there were TONS of fish. It was amazing! 

Even though we didn't really ever get goo boogie board waves, the kids still loved riding on the boards!

We spent a night in FL before boarding the cruise ship - Scott and I were both slightly disturbed by the color of the water:

After all that standing in line, Brooke was trashed:

Rhys checking out the view. He actually ended up seeing a Doctor on the ship because he had a horrible reaction to an insect bite on his foot. The swelling and blistering was insane!! 

A few more pics of our night in FL before boarding:

On the ship, we seriously would hit the carousel daily. This little boat play area was right there, too, so lots to do!